Poems for her


As the stars collide and galaxies are born,
it was stardust that made our bodies form.
As a million suns shine and meteorites pass by,
I thank the artist who made you mine.
I promise to never make you cry.

As the stars shine and constellations are made,
it is you that my eyes want to gaze.
I promise to love you in every dark and shining night,
I promise to stay in the bluest or grayest morning light.
My love, a constellation so bright.

I always search for a sky full of stars,
I am forever fascinated on how they can shine even from afar.
But I didn’t know that this feeling can be attained with you,
By my side, even on an empty room.
You are the brightest constellation on a sky full of lights,
It is you who will make my eyes glitter even in the darkest night.

As winds blow in the infinite cosmos,
I will love you until the last stardust fly by.
After a million years, once the world has come to an end,
I hope that our stardusts will blend in space.

The stars will be our spotlight as we dance in a blaze,
planets will be our audience as a new system is made.
And once our stardusts becomes sentient again,
I will love you in every form and in every face.